Green Costa Rica mountains

Embracing Nature’s Tranquility: The Weather in Costa Rica in September

Weather in Real Time by Region ALAJUELA PROVINCE WEATHER SAN JOSÉ DE COSTA RICA WEATHER GUANACASTE WEATHER ALAJUELA PROVINCE WEATHER LIBERIA WEATHER Costa Rica, known for its breathtaking landscapes and abundant biodiversity, welcomes travelers from around the world year-round. While each month offers its unique charm, September is a particularly enchanting time to visit this…

Costa Rica Family tour in Rio Celeste

The Top 21 Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Costa Rica Vacation to Rio Celeste

Envisioning the perfect family Costa Rica vacation often brings to mind a land abundant with wildlife, lush rainforests, and mesmerizing natural wonders. One such treasure is Rio Celeste, an awe-inspiring blue river tucked within the Tenorio Volcano National Park. Here are the top 20 tips to help you plan the ultimate family vacation to Rio…

A group of people tubing in Rio Celeste

A Complete Guide to Preparing for Your Costa Rica Tubing Adventure

Are you prepared to set out on a thrilling and breathtaking adventure? For nature lovers and adventure seekers, the Costa Rica Tubing Tour is a must-do activity. We have put together a thorough guide to help you get ready for your Rio Celeste tubing adventure in order to ensure you make the most of your…


Responsible and Sustainable Sloth Tour

Responsible and Sustainable Sloth Tour: Discovering Costa Rica’s Enigmatic Wonders 🧡🦥 Embarking on a journey to witness the captivating beauty of Costa Rica’s wildlife is a dream come true for nature enthusiasts. Among the plethora of incredible creatures that call this lush paradise home, sloths hold a special place. With their laid-back nature and enchanting…