Tenorio National Park and Rio Celeste - Two Activities in One Day

Hike the Rio Celeste and go tubing all in one day!

Rio Celeste Hiking 

Get to know the beauty of the Tenorio National Park and its waterfalls. Enjoy a full day of fun filled with fantastic views and incredible nature.

Tubing on Rio Celeste

Don’t miss the opportunity to tube in the breathtaking river of Rio Celeste, and get the most out of your one day experience.

Accessible to Everyone 

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to explore and appreciate the Tenorio National Park and its Rio Celeste, no matter your age or level of physical fitness.

Join us with two activities in one day. The hike on the Tenorio National Park and tubing in the Rio Celeste.

This tour Includes:

Profesional guide




From $100 US Dollars



The Tenorio national Park owns one of the wonders of Costa Rica, The Rio Celeste and its beautiful waterfall that make dreams come true ones you get there, the hike takes about three hours but the memories keeps in your mind forever.

A group of people tubing down on rio celeste



Tenorio National Park and Rio Celeste - Two Activities in One Day

1) Tubing on the Rio Celeste

Tubing down the Rio Celeste and exploring the Tenorio National Park in one day? It’s absolutely possible if you plan well and prepare accordingly, and we’re here to help you do just that! This combination activity will let you enjoy two totally different activities in the same day, so keep reading to see why this tour should be at the top of your list when visiting Costa Rica!

2) Hiking in Tenorio National Park

The Rio Celeste is located within Tenorio National Park, which was established to protect its incredible biodiversity. It’s named after its stunning emerald-colored river, which contrasts sharply with its surrounding volcanic landscape

Explore this fantastic package for this season.

Discover the stunning views of the Tenorio National Park and get away from it all with a fun day of tubing in Rio Celeste.

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