Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

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Caiman in caño negro

Just sit and watch the huge variety of wildlife by boat in almost touching distance away on the Frio River, the center of the wetlands. Your tour guide will show you some of the oldest species of mammals on earth along with a huge variety birds. Depending on the time of year you may see migrating birds on their stop over.

About Caño Negro

Boat with tourist floating in the Caño Negro River

Caño Negro is widely regarded as the world’s third-most important wetland, a spectacular natural sanctuary. This refuge is a must-see when you’re in Costa Rica. In 1991, it was named a “Wetland of International Significance.” Caño Negro, a Ramsar-designated “global protected area,” is home to uncommon plant, animal, and bird species.

Northern Costa Rica’s most environmentally varied refuge is 30 kilometers southeast of Upala town.

Caño Negro is a paradise for nature lovers with various migrating and endangered fish, reptiles, birds, and plants.This wildlife reserve is home to the “Atractosteus tropicus” fish, “Caiman crocodilus fuscus” caiman, and the rare “Nicaraguan grackle” (bird).

Caño Negro is an 800-hectare freshwater lagoon between the Pacific lowland’s monsoonal environment and the Caribbean coastal area’s humid climate.

Due to its diverse flora and wildlife, Caño Negro is a major northward bird migration route.

There are around 200 bird species and other unusual plants and animals here. The Emerald Basilisk, Giant Bear Ant, jaguars, ocelots, iguanas, river turtles, monkeys, pumas, caimans, northern jacanas, ibises, jabiru storks, anhingas, cormorants, and roseate spoonbills all live in this wildlife sanctuary. Caño Negro, one of the first national refuges to balance tourism with environmental resources, is an educational experience for families and individuals.

As it rains, this wildlife reserve floods, rendering it inaccessible by road.



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