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Costa Rica is a country located in Central America. It has known politically stability for sixty years and is ranked as one of the most visited international tourist destinations. Wikipedia and other websites give a wealth of background information

About the enviroment

Costa Rica’s diverse range of environments makes tourism one of its main sources of income.
  • It’s a place of outstanding beauty
  • Pacific and Caribbean Coasts
  • Huge variety of wildlife including 850 bird species.
  • Shelters 6% of the existing biodiversity in the entire world.
  • More National Parks, conservation and protected natural territory than most countries in the world.
  • High mountain ranges including active volcanoes, with breathtaking vistas and outstanding views


Costa Rica’s forests are classified into three groups; rainforests, cloud forests and topical dry forests.

Rainforests are the most common habitat and can be found in the southwest of the country as well as in the Atlantic lowlands. Rainforests can be found in the southwest of the country as well as in the Atlantic lowlands. High annual rainfall produces dense forest with towering trees and looping vines that create a magical environment.

Cloud forests are some of the most beautiful. These cover the higher slopes of volcanoes and mountains all across the country. They are full of bromeliads, mosses and ferns and offer great canopy tours with their mysterious fogs.

Tropical dry forests receive much less rain and therefore are not as diverse as the thriving rainforests. However, they still conjure up an incredible ecosystem that houses a stunning display of flowers and trees.



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