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Two individuals are river tubing, battling through the choppy waters of a lush river. The forefront individual, wearing a red life vest and a blue helmet, has their arms raised high, seemingly enjoying the thrill. Behind them, a second individual in a similar protective gear appears focused on navigating through the rough river. Surrounding them, the river is lined with dense greenery, enhancing the sense of adventure in the wild

Tubing in Rio Celeste

A couple on a boat in the Safari In the Rio Frio

Caño Negro Tour

Safari in the Rio Frio

Group of friends in the Rio Celeste Waterfal

Rio Celeste Hiking

Costa Rica Night Wildlife Tour


Costa Rican Safari

A men holding a cacao bean in his right hand

Tubing + Hiking + Chocolate Tour

A group of people on horseback riding adventure

Rio Celeste Horseback Riding

A man moving through zip line

Rio Celeste Zip Lining

Responsible Sloth Tour

a hands with cacao

Chocolate experience tour

Costa Rica Adventures in The Rio Celeste

Onca Adventure Park

A great and unique Costa Rica Adventure

Tocu Marama Ú | Maleku's Tour Experience

Tree houses Costa Rica

Our tree houses are the perfect lodge to be in contact with nature in a comfortable way.

Contact with nature in Costa Rica Adventures

We know how important the quality of your accommodation is and so we provide comfortable rooms in locations where you can relax and enjoy Costa Rican hospitality.

Our tree houses are the perfect lodge to be in contact with nature in a comfortable way.

Comfortable Rooms

Costa Rican hospitality

Quality lodging services


We organize your trip to Costa Rica and make your itinerary according to your possibilities, depending on what you want to see or experience.

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