Reservation, cancellation and refund policies

As a prospective customer of Onca Tours, it is vital for us to earn your trust. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously every day, which is why we recommend you read the content of “Booking, Cancellation and Refund Policies” under which our company is governed.

Reservation Policies Tours 

We accept all credit and debit cards. You can make your payments through PayPal is a safe and easy way to pay online, to our mail:

Credit card charges will only be processed until the customer gives us authorization of the charge.

At the time of receipt and confirmation of payment, voucheres are sent to the contracted service(s).

Reservations will be subject to availability at the time of processing your request and will not be guaranteed until you have received the payment of 20%, in the event that this requirement is not met, the request will be disregarded.

Prices published are in United States dollars (USD) and must be paid in this currency or at the exchange rate in the official currency

All reservations are subject to availability.

All prices posted on our page and in this document are rack rates. That is, they are the maximum rates that are charged for Tours at any time of the year. All our rates do not include VAT.

All rates, promotions and discounts are subject to change without notice. For this reason it is important that people interested in booking contact one of our booking agents by telephone or by e-mail to receive further reports on Tours types, prices, promotions of the month, discounts (only if applicable). As well as to receive instructions on how you can make your payment. 

Cancellation Policies 

Cancellation tours

In case of cancellations you must cancel at least one week in advance, otherwise 50% of the total amount is penalized.

Reimbursement Policies

A refund will only be made when there are errors attributable to Onca Tours, which would be the following cases:

When a higher charge has been made than the charge that would correspond to the type of booked service that the guest has booked.

When attached to the Cancellation Policies the customer is a creditor to receive some refund.

ALL reimbursements will be made exclusively by means of a bank deposit or electronic transfer directly to the customer’s account. No cash refunds will be made.

Refunds can take 5 to 15 days before being reflected in the customer’s account statement. If not, please contact our accounting department to check the status of your refund.